Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC)

We are using the strongest magnet in the world to charge and ionize fuel to be fed to combustion devices we can ensure more complete combustion, obtaining a maximization of the fuel economy, improving the fuel efficiency and reducing polluting emissions.

Benefits to the engine after installation:-

· 0% side effect to your car
· Save fuel by around 10% in the city driving
· Save fuel by around 30% in the speedway driving
· Improve engine power
· Improve engine response
· Increase torque
· Stabilize Idling
· Improve engine start
· Smoother engine running
· Lower engine noise
· Decrease exhaust emmission
· Decrease air and noise pollution
· Decrease engine vibration
· Increase lifespan of Catalytic Converter
· Increase lifespan of starter
· Increase lifespan of spark plug
· Increase lifespan of engine mounting
· Increase lifespan of pistons
· Prolong engine life
· Lower engine temperature
· Quicker engine warm up

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