Solution for Campro Engines

We found that a lot of Campro engines on the street. Proton Gen2, Waja Campro, Satria Neo and Persona are our Malaysian favourite choices. The users always complain especially under power and high fuel consumption. Therefore we study and come out the solution for it. Making it a nice engine to serve you better. :)
Our solution is to enhance the ignition, fuel utilization and electric flow. The below should able to explain in detail:

Devices: Stromberg Power Booster + Quadcore™ 10mm high performance plug cable + NGK Iridium X Spark Plug + High Performance Ignition Coil
Function: This devices will help to give the best ignition to burn the fuel more efficiently. The most important on bringing improvement of power and lower fuel consumption. Beside that, the reduce of carbon is significant too. Also possible to prolong the engine lifespan. :)

Fuel Utilization
Devices: Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC) spec V
Function: This device will help to charge the fuel for more combustion horse power in combustion area. It will help the fuel to join with the oxigen more perfectly. Beside helping to get more power and lower fuel consumption, it will also helping to reduce the global warming and carbon monoxide produced. This is showing that you are doing charity to the environment too. :)

Electric Flow
Devices: LightningAudio® Super Ignition-Earth System + Intelligent Voltage Stabilizer (I-VS)
Function: This system will help the negative charge especially produced by ignition flow back to negative terminal more faster and consistantly. Once this is improved, the ignition will get more stable and stronger and bringing better overall engine performance. The battery will getting more longer lifespan, lower heat and powerful. The electronic sensors and equiptments will function more accurately.

Benefits to the engine after installation:-

1. Increase overall power up to 25%
2. Safe fuel up to 40%
3. Less carbon developed
4. Longer spark plug lifespan due to extreamely low carbon develop in the combustion area
5. Engine start easier
6. Smooth running
7. Almost complete fuel combustion
8. Decrease engine noise
9. Improve battery performance
10. Prolong battery lifespan
11. Decrease battery woking temperature
12. Prolong starter lifespan
13. Prolong alternator/dynamo lifespan
14. Reduce powerloss due to aircond functioning
15. Prolong electronic lifespan
16. Improve electronic performance
17. Decrease exhaust emmission
18. Decrease heat, air and noise pollution
19. Decrease engine vibration
20. Increase lifespan of Catalytic Converter
21. Increase lifespan of starter
22. Increase lifespan of spark plug
23. Increase lifespan of engine mounting
24. Increase lifespan of pistons
25. Prolong engine life
26. Lower engine temperature
27. Quicker engine warm up
28. Improve in-car entertanment components

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